Chengdu Jinshan Museum

Jinsha Site Museum

Jinsha was once an unwalled town from Sanxingdui culture that existed around 1200-500 B.C during the Shu Kingdom of Sichuan Province. Over 800 graves have been excavated so far from this site. Remains from the town were first discovered in 2001, during a real estate construction project. This discovery led to a giant excavation plan and the discovery of an ancient civilization. As a result an entire ancient town was unveiled, all depicted in the Jinsha Site Museum. It is seen as one of the most significant archeological finds of the century.

Located in a suburb in the northwest of Chengdu, this museum showcases gold, bronze, ivory, stone, as well as some jade artifacts. The construction of the museum took six years. The sections of the museum include the relics hall, exhibition hall, Cultural Heritage Protection Center and the Ecological Garden, which is a large garden with gingko as well as other ancient trees. The Jinsha Museum is approximately six kilometers from the Chengdu city center, and for anyone interested in history or archeology it is worth a visit.