20 China Travel Tips (CNN TRAVEL)

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Recently CNN TRAVEL – a branch of the famous global news network – released an article that pertains specifically to China Travel. The article, published last month and titled “20 China Travel Tips,” encourages foreigners to not be intimidated when travelling China.

Well that is certainly the case when you travel China with U China Travel. We specialize in taking the hassle and question marks, the ones that often accompany an uninitiated trip to China, out of the equation. Our goal is to let you experience the BEST China has to offer – on your own terms!

With that being said, we have decided to highlight a few of the best pieces of advice from the CNN article.

6. Order rice the right way

Rice is rarely served during a meal in Chinese restaurants, being seen as a cheap way to fill up at the end if needed.


Anyone wanting rice with his or her meal should make it clear to the waiter by saying: mifan (rice) mashang(straight away).

7. Toilet paper reminder

Toilet tissue is rarely found in public restrooms in China. Carry your own supplies.

9. Don’t worry — it’s safe

China is nowhere near as terrifying as many guidebooks would have you believe.

Yes, the traffic is chaotic and the air could be better — much better — but China is one of the safest countries in the world for female travelers, solo travelers and families.

12. Don’t be fooled by loud voices

Chinese people like to converse very loudly and passionately at times, and it can be easy to mistake this for an argument.

Listening in to a heated discussion in Shanghai between a taxi driver and a Chinese friend I thought they were about to come to blows.

“No,” they told me. “We were just talking together about how devastating the Sichuan earthquake was.”

15. Get a backstreet breakfast


In order to get some local color on business trips that will otherwise be spent inside taxis and boardrooms, “take to the backstreets behind your hotel for an early breakfast of dumplings or noodles and watch the area wake up while you eat,” suggests Australian business traveler Matthew Tobin.

Additional Information:

Above are, what we believe to be, the five most useful pieces of advice from the full article. It is important to again emphasize number 9 and number 12.

In the United States, it is hard to believe how many people are concerned about traveling to China because they are worried about the safety. With basically no citizens owning guns and an extremely low rate of violent crime (especially against foreigners), China is indeed one of the safer places in the world to travel.

Number 12 should be particularly funny for anyone who has ever previously visited China. Mandarin (as well as other Chinese dialects) can sound very harsh to those who are not familiar with it. Some of the sounds are completely different from the sounds that we are accustomed to in the US. When you feel as if conversation is getting heated between two Chinese people – there is no need to intervene, as they may just be discussing the day’s weather!

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