Best Burger in Beijing

Having grown-up in America, I know not to understate the cultural significance of the burger.

For better or worse, hamburgers are a staple of many American diets, as represented by the United States highly developed fast-food culture.

But the significance of the burger goes beyond quick and affordable.  Anybody who has ever had an expertly prepared gourmet hamburger in all of its medium-rare grilled glory can back me up on this one.  That is why across the United States, burger joints range from raggedy to ritzy.

In Beijing, a proper burger is harder to come by.  Of course you have your mài dàng láo (McDonald’s), but that just won’t do when you need a truly gourmet burger fix – the kind of tender, quality burger that simply cannot be mass produced.

So I set out in search of a way to satisfy that cultural and culinary void – I needed to find a burger that made me feel at home.

Well my search across this sprawling metropolis came to an end as soon as I set foot in Let’s Burger Plus.

Located in the newer north village of San Li Tun, I can say confidently that Let’s Burger Plus does the BEST burger in Beijing.

Don’t worry, I’ll describe the taste, the remarkable flavor from first bite to last, as well as the service, originality of the menu, and general atmosphere and ambiance of the restaurant.

But first, behold:

Bacon Cheeseburger from Let's Burger Plus

The restaurant layout, as well as the food, exudes casual elegance at a level rarely achieved in other establishments, especially around Beijing.

A largely black and white color scheme accented by modern yet minimalistic design and furnishings achieves an alignment  of attitude and aesthetics.  The menu is large, and some of it’s equally large print is slightly alarming.  However, the offerings are extensive, inventive, and generally delicious.

Beef, chicken, and even lamb burgers are all made with the highest quality meat and paired with equally fresh vegetables.

Don’t come here expecting to be limited to the traditional burger and fries – though there is certainly nothing is wrong with that classic.  An entire section of the menu is dedicated to “pizza burgers,” where an assortment of fillings can be baked onto the bun with a thick layer of cheese.  Pizza burger options include pepperoni, salami, and seafood.

Pizza Burger with baked salami and pepperoni

Good luck finishing that.

The service is polite and attentive and most of the staff, if not all, is able to speak at least a little bit of English.

My personal favorite feature of Let’s Burger Plus is their extensive, well-kept sauce bar.  Containers are provided for sampling sauces – which I highly recommend – including the Korean Hot Dip and American BBQ sauce.

These gourmet burgers don’t come without a relatively high price tag.  A meal for two can easily set you back around 300 yuan, or $40-50 USD.  They even offer a single burger that costs nearly 200 yuan – close to $30 U.S. dollars!

If you’re willing to shell out that kind of cash, Let’s Burger Plus won’t disappoint.  Just make sure you go with an appetite sufficient enough to manage one of their munch-able monstrosities.

Let’s Burger Plus

Sanlitun 三里屯
B1/F, Sanlitun Village North, 11 Sanlitun Lu (opposite Colibri Cafe), Chaoyang District
朝阳区三里屯路11号三里屯Village北区地下1层 (Colibri Cafe 对面)
Daily 11am-11pm
6415 2772