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Things To Do In Shanghai: Disc Cart Indoor Karting

Shanghai, China: a global metropolis with a swelling population of over 23 million.  It is a city rich with international flavor, from the famous colonial architecture of The Bund to the tree-lined streets of the Former French Concession.  For those concerned with fine dining and vibrant nightlife, Shanghai will not disappoint.

Yet most travelers need an itinerary filled with more than just eating, drinking, and sitting by the pool.  And if an adrenaline filled afternoon is what you are seeking in Shanghai, Disc Cart Indoor Karting is the perfect place to satisfy your need for speed.

Located about 20 minutes from the city center, just past East China Normal University, Disc Cart Indoor Karting sits near the outside gate of Changfeng Park in Shanghai’s Putuo District.  You will know you are close when your nose catches the unmistakable scent of gasoline fumes and burnt rubber.

The completely indoor track stretches an impressive 4,500 square meters. In general, the karts are fast and incredibly responsive.  However, the performance of the karts does vary dramatically depending on which kart you choose.  From experience, I would stick to numbers 2, 3, 6, 11, or 18 for the best results.

One round of Go-Karting, about 8 minutes of time on the track, costs 80 RMB.  Twin karts cost 110 RMB.

For those of you out there who find Go-Karting too juvenile to participate in, allow me to introduce the kicker: the Go-Kart course has a full-service bar attached, and drinking before driving is far from being discouraged by the staff.

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