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Shanghai Tower Slated For Completion In 2014

Shanghai is at it again. In late 2008, American architecture firm Gensler broke ground on Pudong’s newest soaring skyscraper, the Shanghai Tower. Upon completion, the tower will reach a staggering 632 meters tall, easily the tallest building in Shanghai’s Luijiazui Financial District. At the time of its completion, the Shanghai tower will be the tallest structure of any kind in China and the second tallest building in the world – surpassed only by Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. The building is intended to change the way that people view what it means to build a truly sustainable tall building. As part of the plan to emphasize sustainability, the Shanghai Tower will feature 9 sky gardens and a rainwater recycling system. Each sky garden is meant to serve as a public space. The Shanghai Tower will house businesses, restaurants, coffee shops, and convenience

August 13, 2012 | Scott Adam

China Begins High-End Tibet Tourism Plan with Swiss Motif

Xinhua News Agency has reported that Guangdong Province is planning to invest $63 million U.S. dollars, or around 400 million Chinese yuan, to fund high-end tourism development in the Tibet Autonomous Region. In the southeast region of Tibet, a prefecture called Nyingchi – bordering Myanmar and India – should be expecting a serious tourism spike in the near future. Xinhua reported, ““Through cultivating the high-end travel industry, [the plan] will turn southeast Tibet into a new ‘business card’ of Tibetan tourism.”  The new villages are scheduled to be completed in the next 3 years. Construction in Lulang Town (鲁朗) of Nyingchi County began in March. The first of 22 planned villages is reported to have a “Swiss” theme. Yodeling, chalets, giant horns, fancy cheese, lots of chocolate and fondue? Yeah, something like that. An official mentioned to CNNGo that Nyingchi County had

June 30, 2012 | Scott Adam

Beijing Attraction: The Great Wall at MuTianYu (Gallery)

Fast Facts (What You Should Know) Located in the Huairu county, just 80 kilometres from Beijing’s city center Mutianyu is the longest restored and accessible section of the wall Mutianyu stretches 22 kilometers and is composed of solid slabs of granite, gravel, and earth. The wall reaches 8 meters at its highest point and 5 meters at its widest span. A series of 22 watchtowers spaced approximately 1-kilometer apart mark this run of the Great Wall. Constructed first in the Qi Dynasty (550-577), Mutianyu was rebuilt in 1568 and remains in that condition today. Getting to The Great Wall at Mutianyu The most hassle-free way of getting to Mutianyu would, of course, be through U China Travel. We arrange private drivers and guides for most of our guests, which includes hotel pick-up and drop-off in a comfortable sedan or spacious van.

May 27, 2012 | Scott Adam

A Picture of Life in China (Part II)

Nobody travels without a camera these days, and we aren’t any different! Check out our collection of recent photos taken around China, though largely concentrated around the streets of Beijing and Shanghai. These pictures are posted daily on our Facebook page.  If you did not get a chance to see them on the U China Travel Facebook Page, you can get a sample below:   May 10: This past week we had the pleasure of visiting the Summer Palace with some visitors, and as you can see, the place is remarkable. Click here for our Beijing Attraction: Summer Palace Gallery to see all the photos from our day at the quintessential Chinese garden palace. May 11: The heat of summer is approaching Beijing which means more patios, rooftops, and other outdoor drinking and dining areas will be filling up across the city. This

May 21, 2012 | Scott Adam

The U China Travel Difference

About Us What does it mean to choose U China Travel? It means traveling China on your own terms, carving out a unique travel experience based on what matters most to you. It means that you will be treated like a friend, not just like a customer. It means traveling with complete flexibility, reserving you the right to make itinerary changes on the fly. It means eating at the best restaurants, experiencing all that China’s rich culinary traditions have to offer. Above all else, travelling with U China Travel means exactly what you want it to mean.  What makes the perfect trip?  Adventure? Excitement? History? Culture? Relaxation? Gluttony? Perhaps it is a combination of all of these things… About The Others Recently, my girlfriend and I hosted a visitor in Beijing who was passing through China on a two week

May 14, 2012 | Scott Adam

Restaurant Review: Din Tai Fung

In Asia, the name Din Tai Fung is synonymous with dreamily delicate dumplings. Xiao Long Bao (小籠包) to be exact – the steaming soup-filled kind, delivered in woven baskets and slurped down by millions of customers around the globe in flavorful bliss.  These delicacies was part of my first real introduction to Asian food and they immediately turned me into a believer.  How could something be so intensely powerful yet also positively delicate at the same time? Din Tai Fung has been voted a Top 10 Restaurant in the World by The New York Times, an accolade that they won’t shy away from showing off.  Originating in Taiwan, Din Tai Fung now has locations across the globe including countries such as: Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, and the United States. Legend has it that Bingyi Yang, born in Shanxi Province,

April 10, 2012 | Scott Adam

Beijing Attraction: Forbidden City [Photos]

One of China’s most famous and historically significant cultural sites, the Forbidden City served as the residence of 24 of China’s emperors from the early Ming dynasty until the abdication and expulsion of the last emperor Puyi in 1924. Construction of the imperial palace began in 1406 at the order of the Yongle emperor (who also commissioned the Temple of Heaven) and was reportedly built by over a million workers, including thousands of highly skilled craftsmen. The palace complex has an area of approximately 720,000 square meters, and includes 980 surviving buildings, protected by a huge wall, moat and watchtowers. Built using the finest materials of the day, the ‘city’ is still very well preserved, and recently underwent extensive conservation and restoration work in the run-up to the 2008 Olympic Games. The buildings are made largely of wood and stone,

April 10, 2012 | Scott Adam

Jin Shan Ling Great Wall (Photo Gallery)

The entire Great Wall of China, including all sections, spans more than 6,000 kilometers across Northern China.  6,000 kilometers in length – that is nearly 2,000 kilometers longer than the North American continent. Jin Shan Ling, a section of The Great Wall that lies about two hours north of Beijing in Hebei province, is perhaps the most breathtaking and mountainous portion of the remarkable structure.  Unlike other sections of The Great Wall, such as Badaling and Mutianyu, Jin Shan Ling is far less touristy and also less restored.  Crumbled sections of the wall add character and authenticity as well as a degree of difficulty to the hike. Though it was still early in March, U China Travel ventured out to The Great Wall at Jin Shan Ling to stretch our legs and capture some of the spectacular scenery before the

March 11, 2012 | Scott Adam

Ten Authentic China Trips for 2012

Just before the New Year, CNNGo, a subsidiary of CNN, revealed it’s list of 10 authentic China trips for 2012. ARTICLE: 10 AUTHENTIC CHINA TRIPS FOR 2012 A relatively new site, CNNGo covers travel and lifestyle in what they consider to be the world’s most fascinating and vibrant cities.  Cities covered on CNNGo include: Bangkok, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo.  10 Authentic China Trips for 2012 focuses on cities and regions in China that are less familiar to the outside world.  The list also demonstrates the incredible geographic and cultural diversity in China. Of the destinations mentioned in the article, UChina Travel provides travel packages and tours to the following:

February 6, 2012 | Scott Adam