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Shanghai Tower Slated For Completion In 2014

Shanghai is at it again. In late 2008, American architecture firm Gensler broke ground on Pudong’s newest soaring skyscraper, the Shanghai Tower. Upon completion, the tower will reach a staggering 632 meters tall, easily the tallest building in Shanghai’s Luijiazui Financial District. At the time of its completion, the Shanghai tower will be the tallest structure of any kind in China and the second tallest building in the world – surpassed only by Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. The building is intended to change the way that people view what it means to build a truly sustainable tall building. As part of the plan to emphasize sustainability, the Shanghai Tower will feature 9 sky gardens and a rainwater recycling system. Each sky garden is meant to serve as a public space. The Shanghai Tower will house businesses, restaurants, coffee shops, and convenience

August 13, 2012 | Scott Adam

AMAZING PHOTO: Shanghai Skyline – Past vs. Present

While combing through the tangled and convoluted interwebs of the internet, I came across this amazing photo comparison of the Shanghai’s skyline in 1990 vs. 2010. What a difference 20 years makes! By the late 2000’s there was a rumor going around that 25% of all cranes in the world were located in Shanghai. And even though that statistic seems unbelievable, the transformation that the city has undergone in just 20 years is even more amazing. Another rumor I’ve been told is that New York City has 10 buildings offically classified as “skyscrapers,” and these 10 skyscrapers were built over the course of 100 years. Meanwhile, Shanghai now has 100 skyscrapers, all of which were built in a 10 year period. Whether this information is a verified statistic or simply an urban myth does not take away from Shanghai’s remarkable

June 26, 2012 | Scott Adam

Things To Do In Shanghai: Disc Cart Indoor Karting

Shanghai, China: a global metropolis with a swelling population of over 23 million.  It is a city rich with international flavor, from the famous colonial architecture of The Bund to the tree-lined streets of the Former French Concession.  For those concerned with fine dining and vibrant nightlife, Shanghai will not disappoint. Yet most travelers need an itinerary filled with more than just eating, drinking, and sitting by the pool.  And if an adrenaline filled afternoon is what you are seeking in Shanghai, Disc Cart Indoor Karting is the perfect place to satisfy your need for speed. Located about 20 minutes from the city center, just past East China Normal University, Disc Cart Indoor Karting sits near the outside gate of Changfeng Park in Shanghai’s Putuo District.  You will know you are close when your nose catches the unmistakable scent of

June 19, 2012 | Scott Adam

A Picture of Life in China (Part II)

Nobody travels without a camera these days, and we aren’t any different! Check out our collection of recent photos taken around China, though largely concentrated around the streets of Beijing and Shanghai. These pictures are posted daily on our Facebook page.  If you did not get a chance to see them on the U China Travel Facebook Page, you can get a sample below:   May 10: This past week we had the pleasure of visiting the Summer Palace with some visitors, and as you can see, the place is remarkable. Click here for our Beijing Attraction: Summer Palace Gallery to see all the photos from our day at the quintessential Chinese garden palace. May 11: The heat of summer is approaching Beijing which means more patios, rooftops, and other outdoor drinking and dining areas will be filling up across the city. This

May 21, 2012 | Scott Adam

A Picture of Life in China

Here is a compilation of daily photos taken by the U China Travel Team. These pictures are posted daily on our Facebook page.  If you did not get a chance to see them on the U China Travel Facebook Page, you can get a sample below: April 16 A man poses with his stuffed pheasants outside of Panjiayuan Market in Beijing, China. Click here to see our recent feature post about PanJiaYuan – also known as “The Dirt Market.” April 17 The moon as seen through a string of lanterns on Beijing’s famous “Ghost Street.” Ghost Street is open until the wee hours of the morning and is the go-to late night spot for locals looking for a spicy fix. April 18 Blending the traditional with the modern in Shanghai, China. This picture was taken from Shanghai’s most famous tourist market located

April 24, 2012 | Scott Adam

Restaurant Review: Lotus Land (SH)

Tucked away from the seas of endless skyscrapers and futuristic orbed towers of Shanghai, a blissful bohemian enclave resides within the side streets of Tai Kang Lu. Tian Zi Fang, as it is referred to for tourism purposes, is a conglomeration of winding narrow alley-ways and red brick buildings.  These brick buildings have been converted into storefronts and now host a maze of art galleries, craft stalls, kitchy clothing shops, cat cafes, open-air drinking hang-outs, and ethnic restaurants. Lotus Land Indian Cuisine rests in the heart of Tian Zi Fang.  Occupying three narrow stories, Lotus Land has transformed this prime location into the perfect blend of cozy and cultural.  Lounge style seating around the outside of the main dining area on the second floor helps set the laid back vibe that permeates the space. The food was on point as

April 3, 2012 | Scott Adam

Shanghai to Beijing: Traveling at High-Speed

China takes great pride in it’s highly developed rail network, and for good reason. Connecting commerce from the coast to the capital, the G-series high-speed trains run daily between Beijing and Shanghai.  For around 555 yuan, you’ll be able to snag a hard seat – which is not nearly as uncomfortable as it sounds – and embark on the five and a half hour journey that covers nearly 1,320 kilometers (820 miles).

March 27, 2012 | Scott Adam

New Trend Amongst Young Chinese Males

There is a new trend beginning to gain traction on the streets of Shanghai, up to Beijing, and down to Shenzhen. In heroic displays of neo-chivalrous behavior, young Chinese gentlemen can frequently be seen strolling alongside their companions, casually carrying a designer handbag. This selfless act, demonstrated with the highest level of confidence and humility, has recently helped redefine the concepts of romance and chivalry amongst many young, doughey-eyed Chinese love birds.  It is a remarkable act to witness, one that I admittedly may not be able to pull off myself.

March 25, 2012 | Scott Adam