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Shop Like A Local At Dongjiao (Photo Gallery)

Just south of the Dawang Lu subway station lies a massive indoor/outdoor market complex called Dongjiao Market.

Dongjiao feels decidedly authentic; which is a coveted trait in a city modernizing at break-neck speed.  It is not cleanly by Western standards.  Hey, it isn’t even really cleanly by Eastern standards – it’s a dirty market.  But it is also a buzzing market, full of energy and oddity.

And with those dirt stained stalls comes dirt cheap prices.

The entire complex houses vendors of every imaginable variety –  bicycles, tea sets, flashlights, linens, Tupperware, sneakers, art supplies, sporting goods, puppies, cell phones, candles, skinny jeans, cutlery – if it exists, it can be found at Dongjiao.

One of the more interesting (and also photogenic) parts of Dongjiao is the fresh seafood, meat, and produce market housed inside one of the complex’s airplane hangar-esque warehouses.  When the sun comes up and Dongjiao opens for another day of business, staff from restaurants and hotel kitchens throughout Beijing come flocking to this very market, wanting to get the best prices on the freshest ingredients.

Take a look at the gallery below to learn how to shop like the locals:


  • Xi Dawang Lu and Soho Xiandaicheng 西大望路 现代城
  • Xidawang Lu (south of Soho New Town), Chaoyang District
  • 朝阳区西大望路(Soho现代城南边)
  • Daily 8am-5pm
  • 6774 7864

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