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Gulou Drum Show in Beijing (Video)

Beijing, China’s capital city, is steeped in the rich culture of an endlessly interesting ancient culture.  There is no better place to provide an introduction to Chinese culture.  Individuals from every corner and every province of the world’s most populous country call Beijing their home.  It is representative of ancient history and modern prosperity.

Though much of traditional Beijing has changed as a result of the pressures of modernization, the Gulou area – north of Tiananmen Square – has been preserved and is now a buzzing hub of activity for tourists and locals alike.

Gulou is the location of The Drum and Bell Towers, a well known attraction in Beijing.  The Drum Tower offers a “Drum Show” on a daily basis at the top of the Drum Tower.

U China Travel offers an inside look at the performance below and over on our YouTube Channel:

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Problems with the video embed?  Click here to watch on YouTube!

For more information on the history of The Drum and Bell Towers and to check out Drum and Bell Tower related travel packages, visit to learn more about this Beijing attraction.

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