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People’s Park in Chengdu

Just around the corner from Tianfu Square in the center of Chengdu lies the long-standing People’s Park. People’s Parks in China are synonymous with a variety of activities by people of all walks of life. These parks serve as spaces for locals and visitors to congregate during the day. Whether it’s early morning tai chi or evening dance and exercise in the park, public spaces have always been a crucial part of Chinese culture. Shopping and Activities Chengdu’s People’s Park is a sprawling piece of land, a total of 112,639 square meters (or 1,212,440 sq. ft), making it the largest green space in the downtown area. The park is complete with a man-made lake, gardens and numerous spots for musicians, tai chi experts and fans, a wide-variety of shops and services from local souvenirs to ear-cleaning kiosks. Boat rides are

July 1, 2015 | Jennifer Richardson