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Conde Nast Traveler Editor Letter: April 2013

While sitting in a Doctor’s office waiting room just the other day, I was fortunate enough to pick up a copy of the April 2013 edition of Conde Nast Traveler. Delivering “truth in travel,” Conde Nast Traveler is one of the world’s most widely circulated English language travel magazines. This particular edition focused on “The Grand Tour of Asia” – 12 Countries, 24 Cities, 45 Days, 1 Trip of a Lifetime. The entire magazine provided great insight about the ‘hot spots’ around Asia, told in an entertaining “narrative-itinerary” fashion. But the part of the publication that really caught my attention was the letter from the editor found just inside the front cover. I have republished the letter in it’s entirety below. I strongly encourage every single person to take five minutes out of their day and give this a quick

April 27, 2013 | Scott Adam

20 China Travel Tips (CNN TRAVEL)

Thank you for reading the U China Travel Blog! Recently CNN TRAVEL – a branch of the famous global news network – released an article that pertains specifically to China Travel. The article, published last month and titled “20 China Travel Tips,” encourages foreigners to not be intimidated when travelling China. Well that is certainly the case when you travel China with U China Travel. We specialize in taking the hassle and question marks, the ones that often accompany an uninitiated trip to China, out of the equation. Our goal is to let you experience the BEST China has to offer – on your own terms! With that being said, we have decided to highlight a few of the best pieces of advice from the CNN article. — 6. Order rice the right way Rice is rarely served during a

April 2, 2013 | Scott Adam

News & Headlines: China Launches World’s Largest High-Speed Rail Line

It used to take more than 22 hours, almost an entire day, to get from Beijing to Guangzhou by train. But beginning on Wednesday, December 26, that same journey can be completed in only 8 hours. [youtube] Traveling through five provinces and more than twenty eight cities, the newest addition to China’s high-speed rail lines covers a distance of 2,300 kilometers – 1,428 miles for all you Americans out there. The trains seat 1,028 passengers in 16 different carriages including: first-class, second-class, and business class. One-way ticket prices are as follows: 865 RMB for Second-Class 1,383 RMB for First-Class 2,972 RMB for VIP Lounge Picture of G80 Train Ticket (Taken from South China Morning Post) The line has been completed after seven years of construction. It is impressive that the government in Beijing was able to complete such a

December 26, 2012 | Scott Adam

Forbidden City and Mutianyu Great Wall in Snow, Dec 2012

Mutianyu Great Wall in snow 2012 Beijing Forbidden City and Mutianyu Great Wall in Snow.

December 22, 2012 | admin

Beijing Attraction: Huanghua Great Wall (Gallery)

Huanghua Cheng is one of the lesser known portion of the Great Wall. Previously we have featured Mutianyu and Jin Shan Ling galleries. Huanghua is pretty broken down and considered part of the ‘wild wall.’ The name Huanghua means “yellow flower” and is derived from the fact that surrounding villages become filled with yellow flowers during summer months. Though not a traditional “Great Wall” experience, Huanghua is still a beautiful place to explore on a sunny summer afternoon!     Visit to start tailoring your perfect Beijing itinerary!

November 28, 2012 | Scott Adam

22nd Annual Qingdao Beer Festival

The 22nd Annual Qingdao Beer Festival is currently underway in the coastal city of Qingdao, China. Held in Qingdao Century Square, just north of the famous Qingdao Beer City, the annual event in Shandong Province is Asia’s largest beer festival and a celebration of all things BEER. The event began on August 11th and will end in just a few days with a closing ceremony on August 26th. As a two week extravaganza, the festival includes live entertainment, beer tastings, drinking competitions, and plenty of food to feed those pesky beer munchies! Festival goers are sure to snack on some tasty chuan’r – as shown here in our Food Feature. Beers from all over the world will be represented at the Qingdao Beer Festival including brews from countries such as: Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, and the United States.

August 21, 2012 | Scott Adam

Shanghai Tower Slated For Completion In 2014

Shanghai is at it again. In late 2008, American architecture firm Gensler broke ground on Pudong’s newest soaring skyscraper, the Shanghai Tower. Upon completion, the tower will reach a staggering 632 meters tall, easily the tallest building in Shanghai’s Luijiazui Financial District. At the time of its completion, the Shanghai tower will be the tallest structure of any kind in China and the second tallest building in the world – surpassed only by Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. The building is intended to change the way that people view what it means to build a truly sustainable tall building. As part of the plan to emphasize sustainability, the Shanghai Tower will feature 9 sky gardens and a rainwater recycling system. Each sky garden is meant to serve as a public space. The Shanghai Tower will house businesses, restaurants, coffee shops, and convenience

August 13, 2012 | Scott Adam

10 China Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Original Article Taken From Business Insider. Ready to have your mind blown? Okay, here we go… 1.) By 2025, China will build TEN New York-sized cities. China is projected to build up to 50,000 skyscrapers by 2025 2.) By 2030, China will add more new city-dwellers than the entire U.S. population China is projected to add 350 million new city residents by 2030. 3.) There are already more Christians in China than Italy, and China is on track to become the largest center of Christianity in the world. This all comes despite the fact that China is not considered a religious country. In-fact, Party officials in China are forbidden from subscribing to any religion. 4.) When you buy Chinese stocks, you are basically financing the Chinese government. Eight of Shanghai’s top ten stocks are state-controlled arms of the government. Here

July 3, 2012 | Scott Adam

China Begins High-End Tibet Tourism Plan with Swiss Motif

Xinhua News Agency has reported that Guangdong Province is planning to invest $63 million U.S. dollars, or around 400 million Chinese yuan, to fund high-end tourism development in the Tibet Autonomous Region. In the southeast region of Tibet, a prefecture called Nyingchi – bordering Myanmar and India – should be expecting a serious tourism spike in the near future. Xinhua reported, ““Through cultivating the high-end travel industry, [the plan] will turn southeast Tibet into a new ‘business card’ of Tibetan tourism.”  The new villages are scheduled to be completed in the next 3 years. Construction in Lulang Town (鲁朗) of Nyingchi County began in March. The first of 22 planned villages is reported to have a “Swiss” theme. Yodeling, chalets, giant horns, fancy cheese, lots of chocolate and fondue? Yeah, something like that. An official mentioned to CNNGo that Nyingchi County had

June 30, 2012 | Scott Adam

AMAZING PHOTO: Shanghai Skyline – Past vs. Present

While combing through the tangled and convoluted interwebs of the internet, I came across this amazing photo comparison of the Shanghai’s skyline in 1990 vs. 2010. What a difference 20 years makes! By the late 2000’s there was a rumor going around that 25% of all cranes in the world were located in Shanghai. And even though that statistic seems unbelievable, the transformation that the city has undergone in just 20 years is even more amazing. Another rumor I’ve been told is that New York City has 10 buildings offically classified as “skyscrapers,” and these 10 skyscrapers were built over the course of 100 years. Meanwhile, Shanghai now has 100 skyscrapers, all of which were built in a 10 year period. Whether this information is a verified statistic or simply an urban myth does not take away from Shanghai’s remarkable

June 26, 2012 | Scott Adam