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Lion Hill

View from Lion Hill for Lijiang Ancient Town

Located in the Lijiang Old Town, Lion Hill Park offers one of the most scenic views of the Old Town. Well-paved stone stairs are available for walking to the top; starting from the north-west corner of one of Lijiang’s main roads, Sifafangng Jie. At the top of Lion Hill and Lion Hill Park stands the Wanggu Tower at 30 meters high. The Wanggu Tower is five floor pavilion made with sturdy and long wooden beams. From the top of Wanggu Tower it’s possible to see the Lijiang in it’s entirety, offering a sweeping view of the new and old city and the breathtaking Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the background. On the way down from Lion Hill, visitors will also pass the Mu Palace, which was originally constructed by the Mu family of the Naxi people.