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HuangLongXi Ancient Town


Huang Long Xi Ancient Town is located less than an hour away from the city of Chengdu. It was originally built over 1700 years ago during the Three Kingdoms Period. The main street of the town has a stream running down the middle, powered by a water mill. The town’s front entrance and main street resemble a dragon, which gives it the name Yellow Dragon Stream or Huang Long Xi.

This town is so picturesque that it’s been the backdrop for over 200 movies. Visitors can spend hours wandering the tiny-narrow streets and alleyways decorated in the style of the Qing-dynasty. They can catch a glimpse some locals in their daily life, sitting outside their homes playing mahjong or preparing some items for their shops. The old temples and picturesque roads make for a good way to spend an afternoon. Some of the temples include Zhenjiang Temple, Chaoyin Temple and Gulong Temple. Locals like to walk around the old town, especially grandmothers. The temples in Huang Long Xi are all dedicated to the God of Guanyin, making it is a common occurrence for local grandmothers to pray to Guanyin for grandchildren for their family. The town offers visitors plenty of shops selling various souvenirs as well as snack stalls serving local delicacies like sesame cakes. There are also Sichuan opera performances throughout the day performed at the town’s theater.

It is busy on weekends and holidays and makes for a good mid-week day trip from Chengdu. On the ninth day of the sixth and ninth lunar month, the action in the town becomes extra exciting with temple fairs. It is easily accessible for walking easy and boat rides are also available on the river for anyone who desires. Huang Long Xi is one of the top ten ancient towns in China.