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Guilin Hikes: Yangdi to Xingping

Guilin Hikes- Yangdi to Xingping

The landscape surrounding the Li River is one that may come to mind while pondering the exotic land of China. The karst peaks dominate the scene and a river flows through them, creating winding river roads. It is an amazing thing to witness and be a part of. Our local guides will take you on a hike to witness the epitome of Chinese landscapes.

The hike begins in the town of Yangdi, in southern China, which is a quaint fishing village located on the banks of the infamous Li River. It’s approximately 45 minutes from the famed town of Yangshuo. You will start by crossing the Li River by ferry, and from there walk to a tiny ancient village where you will get on a bamboo raft and cross back over the river. You will be reconnected with the normal trail and ready for the second part of your hike.

Our local guides will take you along the trail and you will pass tiny old villages with small houses and farms. There’s plenty of rice fields, scenes of local life as well as water buffaloes to see and take pictures of. While the views from the main trail are breathtaking, our local guides will also take you along small garden paths to further explore the fantastic surroundings.

Three hours along the main trail and you will come to Nine Horses Rock, a giant rock mountain formation. From there you will board another ferry to across the Li River and continue to the last part of the hike to Xingping.

The Yangdi to Xingping hike takes approximately 4-6 hours, depending on rest time and walking ability. It covers a distance of around 25 kilometres (16 miles).