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Beijing Silk Market

Silk Street

Nestled in the heart of Beijing’s business district is the celebrated Silk Street, a bustling hive of commercial activity made possible by the thousands of vendors manning the stalls, and the waves of shoppers eager to browse their wares. While the original market was an outdoor bazaar, the area underwent a radical transformation in 2005. These days, the market is entirely indoors and offers a much more diverse range of products. Starting from the basement floor, you’ll find shoes, handbags and luggage cases. The next two floors up sell fashion apparel and designer products, and although the market is notorious for peddling inexpensive, high-quality counterfeit luxury designer brands, for many this is entirely the point. Continuing up through the other floors, you will find a wide variety of silk products on the third floor, as well as tailors willing to whip you up a custom-fitted wardrobe for a fraction of the cost back home. The fourth and fifth floors offer up a motley mix of jewelry, handicrafts and electronics, and at the end of your shopping escapade you’ll be able to rest your feet and recharge on the last few floors, where a selection of restaurants and cafes await.