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Beijing Hongqiao Pearl Market

Hong Qiao Pearl Market

Selling everything from luminous pearls and jade to “I Love Beijing” t-shirts and Mao kitsch, the Hongqiao Pearl Market represents bargaining culture at its best. Located near the Temple of Heaven in the southern part of the city, the market is a great place to practice your Chinese and get great deals. A maze of digital cameras, USB accessories and various other electronics await you on the first floor, complimented inexplicably with a wide selection of underwear, socks, and miscellaneous paraphernalia. On the second floor, you’ll find suitcases, handbags and a variety of brand wear, most of which are counterfeit. However, most visitors to Hongqiao come for the market’s upper floors, which are dedicated to selling a luminous selection of pearls, as well as traditional Chinese art, including fine porcelain and artisanal chopsticks. Many of the shops at Hongqiao Pearl Market offer similar products, making the market a heaven for bargain-sharks interested in honing their haggling skills.