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AMAZING PHOTO: Shanghai Skyline – Past vs. Present

While combing through the tangled and convoluted interwebs of the internet, I came across this amazing photo comparison of the Shanghai’s skyline in 1990 vs. 2010.

What a difference 20 years makes!

By the late 2000’s there was a rumor going around that 25% of all cranes in the world were located in Shanghai. And even though that statistic seems unbelievable, the transformation that the city has undergone in just 20 years is even more amazing.

Another rumor I’ve been told is that New York City has 10 buildings offically classified as “skyscrapers,” and these 10 skyscrapers were built over the course of 100 years. Meanwhile, Shanghai now has 100 skyscrapers, all of which were built in a 10 year period.

Whether this information is a verified statistic or simply an urban myth does not take away from Shanghai’s remarkable development. From glorified fishing village to global financial center, that’s the story of Shanghai, which is now home to upwards of 23 million residents.

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