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10 China Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Original Article Taken From Business Insider.

Ready to have your mind blown? Okay, here we go…

1.) By 2025, China will build TEN New York-sized cities.

China is projected to build up to 50,000 skyscrapers by 2025

2.) By 2030, China will add more new city-dwellers than the entire U.S. population

China is projected to add 350 million new city residents by 2030.

3.) There are already more Christians in China than Italy, and China is on track to become the largest center of Christianity in the world.

This all comes despite the fact that China is not considered a religious country. In-fact, Party officials in China are forbidden from subscribing to any religion.

4.) When you buy Chinese stocks, you are basically financing the Chinese government. Eight of Shanghai’s top ten stocks are state-controlled arms of the government.

Here are the eight:

  • PetroChina
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
  • Sinopec
  • Bank of China
  • China Shenhua Energy Company
  • China Life Insurance Company
  • Bank of Communications

5.) China’s economy grew 7 times as fast as America’s over the past decade (316% growth vs. 43%)

6.) 85 percent of artificial Christmas trees are made in China. So are 80 percent of toys

8 out of 10 kids around the world look at the Christmas gift box and see the words, “Made in China.” This is why China is referred to as, “The World’s Factory.”

7.) China has more pigs than the next 43 pork producing countries combined

That’s a lot of bacon. Refer to the graphic below courtesy of United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization:

8.) Chinese consume 50,000 cigarettes every second

9.) China has 64 million vacant homes, including entire cities that are empty

Article: China’s Ghost Cities

10.) China’s enormous Gobi Desert is the size of Peru and expanding 1,400 square miles per year due to water source depletion, over-foresting, and over-grazing

All Credit Goes To Business Insider For Posting ” 18 Facts About China That Will Blow Your Mind.”

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